Re: High-level API meetings?

I would rather meet on "off-days" than have a 2 hour call. Either way works for me.


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Subject: High-level API meetings?


We discussed that the high-level API could be provided by the WG, either 
in the form of defaults given in a "shim" or a higher-level "shim." 
However, we're not going to have the time to discuss in the main 
telecons given the amount of finalization needed in the Web Crypto WG.

I was thinking we could do calls an hour before or after the existing 
WebCrypto calls for the folks in the Web Crypto WG are interested in 
pursuing this. We could look in detail at Richard's defaults and David's 
high-level draft as starting points. Perhaps we could also try to 
recruit the folks who have been doing the Bouncy Castle user studies at 
KU Leuven?

Are people OK with this?

We can book extra time. It would better to do these on "off-days" from 
calls, but at a different time as the normal WG time is going to be busy 
with various key-related discussions.



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