Re: comments on web crypto API: Lack of smart card support [2/6]

On 2013-05-23 10:40, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
> Our reading of the API suggests that it is not sufficient to handle 
> smart cards. Smart cards are widely available security tokens (citizen 
> IDs in several countries are such) that allow cryptographic operations 
> with a private key that is not extractable. The private key is typically 
> PIN protected.

This is true but exposing such cards to untrusted web-code is not a viable
option. However, a fairly simple first-step has been proposed.  See last
paragraph of:

> In our view what is needed to support those keys:
> * Generation:
> The generateKey should allow the specification of a location (e.g., 
> with a PKCS #11 URL [0]), and it should be able to return an identifier 
> that can be used to access the object.

> * Cloning:
> The ability to clone a key on an SC should not be assumed.
> * Importing:
> A way to import a named key (e.g., using a PKCS #11 URL) should be 
> allowed to access a smart card key.
> * Exporting
> Non-Extractable keys should not be expected to be exported, nor any 
> private key parameters should be accessible.
> Note that from a user interface perspective the user should be warned 
> by the browser prior to allowing any access on its smart cards by a 
> webapp.
> [0].


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