Re: Follow-up. Re: Use case: Authenticate using eID

I have suggested too :

To be more clear, only a combination of link above and links below is 
feasible, and that's not a hack, neither a hook, that's the web.

And I believe "super cookie" is not the web, but you can consider 
indexedDB as a mega cookie.

I have not thought a lot to eID case, maybe a more detailed example 
including requirements/restrictions could help to try writing it and see 
if it's feasible as such.


Le 13/05/2013 19:32, Arun Ranganathan a écrit :
> On May 13, 2013, at 1:00 PM, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
>> That question has already been answered.
> The issue of cross-origin use of cryptographic interfaces is discussed here:
> And Aymeric has suggested:
> My opinion is that this API is constrained by this type of use.  Use cases that fall out of this type of use honestly fall beyond the scope of the Web Crypto API.
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