Re: PolyCrypt

Still working on [1] and [2], and now it's time to put it inside the 

As far as I understand PolyCrypt is a concatenation of what exists 
(cryptoJS, sjcl, etc) + Webcryptofication, and it can be used to test 
the WebCrypto API in the meantime browsers implement it.

Probably I can get some inspiration but can not use it as such, I have 
to remove iframes and workers stuff.

Is it foreseen to implement RSA OAEP and Diffie Hellman, or does it 
exist somewhere ?



Le 07/01/2013 21:25, Richard Barnes a écrit :
> Dear WebCrypto WG,
> I'm pleased to announce that we've finally got an initial version of our polyfill implementation of the WebCrypto API.  Relevant URIs:
> Web:
> Demo:
> GitHub:
> Our initial release implements the great majority of the API; I think the only thing that's missing is exportKey.
> A couple of caveats:
> -- We use window.polycrypt instead of window.crypto
> -- Nothing works in IE right now (we're working on it)
> Please give it a try!  Feedback welcome!
> Thanks,
> --Richard

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