Re: Feedback, comments and so about WG Web Cryptography API

Hi again,

After some days dealing with many Java issues, due to the recent
security bug you probably already heard of, I have been looking again
at the draft.
Am i wrong or MANY things have changed? The sign function I remember
was much easier/simpler than createSigner.

Anyway, is there a place/branch where i can start testing these js
functions? I know its a changing draft, but will like to "detect
missing features".
As you already know, we are using an applet with "batch" sign feature
(sign a lot of documents requiring the PIN only one time, and
returning the public X509 to the server to build a XAdES).

If theres not, it will be possible to develop a FF plugin/extension to
enable this features in js?

Received on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 07:24:14 UTC