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Date: Monday, November 12, 2012, 1:34:12 PM
Subject: [Moderator Action] 3GPP liaison statement to W3C

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Dear  W3C,
Please find attached  a liaison statement from 3GPP SA WG3 to W3C - Web Cryto Working  group.
Susanna Kooistra, ETSI MCC
3GPP Liaison
E-mail: 3GPPLiaison@etsi.org
Phone: +33 (0)4 92 94  49 35
3GPP TSG-SA WG3 (Security) Meeting #69                             S3-121203
Edinburgh, Scotland, 5. - 9. November 2012
Title:                         Integration of Web  GBA with Crypto API
Release:                    Rel-12
Work Item:                SEC12
Source:                     3GPP SA3
To:                            W3C - Web Crypto Working Group
Cc:                            SA
Contact Persons:
Names:                 Silke Holtmanns, Mireille Pauliac
E-mail Addresss:  Silke dot Holtmanns at Nokia dot com
                            Mireille dot Pauliac at Gemalto dot com
Attachments:             S3-121202 

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