Re: security of a client-side JS API?

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I think End-to-End encryption is easily implementable with current webcrypto
API spec.
My feeling is that truly private, end-to-end encryption using the
WebCrypto API (or indeed any JS crypto library) is only possible if
implemented in an open-source browser extension, such as Cryptocat. As
far as I can tell, it is not possible in a web app using the WebCrypto
standardization for E2E is diffucult issue.
Probably, but some reasonably simple standards should be possible. For
example, encrypting/decrypting text and encrypting/decrypting files
look like two relatively simple and fairly general use cases.
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If you don't trust the downloaded JavaScript, why are you using a web app?  If you have to download a browser extension, then you might as well install a dedicated application.  ISTM that your definition of E2E is not really germane to this working group.

Exactly my opinion  as well. Well said.


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