Re: Credit-Card Scenario - In Scope?

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 6:01 AM, Anders Rundgren
<> wrote:
> I have as many of you found myself giving out credit-card data to hotels for
> pre-booking.  I would have preferred handing out a "voucher" that gave
> the actual party a limited right to charge my account once.
> There are though probably more than one way addressing this issue and
> a directly sent voucher may not even be the best one.  The voucher or
> whatever the payee receives must of course be verifiable a trustworthy
> in some way as well.
> I know this isn't easy but I just love these kinds of multi-party use-cases :-)
> thanx,
> Anders

Hi Anders,

In as much as defining a protocol or specifying user agent behaviour
to handle this (or any general payments issue), I would think such
work is out of scope as it relates to our charter.

However, presuming the existence of such a protocol, enabling access
to the cryptographic primitives is something that this API seeks to
do. Since it sounds like you have a particular protocol in mind, could
you describe the cryptographic primitives you'd need? Are there
specific behaviours you would or would not need from user agents to
enable this workflow?

I should also note that, as according to and the charter,
financial transactions and credit card processing are currently
enumerated as secondary features, and thus not core focuses of this WG
efforts. Please understand that we may not be able to meet your needs,
but understanding them is important to the ongoing work of this WG.


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