UseCase for B2C personal information exchange


I have comments for

as a Korean Citizen
I receive many encrypted mails from card company or banks.

the basic mechanism is as following.
the sender send mail with application download link and encrypted mail
the user is able to decrypt the mail attachment after installing the
application via the link.
the passphrase is normally the last 7 digits of my personal SSN.

the sender forces user installing application to their WINDOWS PC.

I think we can not replace this case with web crypto implementations.


has conflict "same origin" policy of browser.
we can not make sure the email client has always web browsing capability
and the content is normally loaded from local file system.

has alternatives
the sender can invite user to their web site
and verify user identity.
then show sensitive message on the web.

so my comment is
remove those use case "B2C personnal message exchange"
(sorry Channy ^^!)

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