Re: how to comment on Use Cases?

On 07/29/2012 11:09 AM, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 1:17 AM, Mountie Lee <> wrote:
>> Hi. all.
>> when I read use cases on
>> I want to add my comments on that.
>> but I don't have W3C account.
>> how do I comment for it on wiki page?
>> is there another mailling list fo it?
>> regards
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> Hi Mountie,
> This mailing list (public-webcrypto-comments) is suitable for comments
> on any of the workgroup products. Currently, the Use Cases document is
> split from the API of the Editor's Draft, but this is merely to better
> organize and parallelize the efforts. Thus, please feel free to post
> comments here.

Ryan is right - you're already on the right mailing list. Generally, 
high-level comments are appreciated at this early stage. However, if you 
want to propose sentence-level changes, you can always cut and paste the 
text in here with your proposed edits in a form that allows us to 
distinguish them, i.e. "My example sentence *with a new clause* here" or 
"My example sentence -> My example with a new clause".

Note that comments on Rec-track documents require a response from the 
WG/editors according to W3C Process, so you'll definitely get an answer.


Indeed, all comments here will be responded to by the editors until 
documents are published
> Regards,
> Ryan

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