Re: Technology Nexus Web Cryptography API use-cases

Hi Samuel,
I think most the stuff you write about is out-of-scope for the WebCrypto WG.

I don't think that you actually can build applications that mimic the Nexus "Personal" product based on /transient downloaded code/ running in a browser window.

Wan-Teh's signature write-up is though an exception since it is really a complete application:

I have earlier developed a more advanced version of a Web Signature proposal:

I'm (nowadays) mainly interested in Certificate Enrollment since the schemes supported by the current platforms are (as I have been banging on peoples' heads about for/years/) essentially inadequate, /in addition to being all-over-the map/.  The PIN you are mentioning in your use-case is often not even supported by the underlying crypto system like the NSS "SoftToken".

Best regards
Anders Rundgren
User of Nexus personal, Vendor to BankID, and PKI/Web Technologist.

Received on Monday, 2 July 2012 08:14:17 UTC