[Agenda] 24 June Web Commerce Interest Group call

Dear Participants in the Web Commerce Interest Group,
cc: co-Chairs of the Web Payments WG; feel free to share this invitation with your participants.

Our next group call takes place Monday, 24 June from 10-11am ET.

* Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), of which Blockchain is a common example, promises substantial 
   improvement in our ability to track, trace, and verify the history - or provenance - of goods, services, and 
   software.  Tracing provenance, in turn, raises questions about contracts and their fulfillment.  In addition, 
   the ability to limit purchases based on transparent and consensual records will protect merchants as sales 
   of goods are more and more closely controlled by regulation.  In this teleconference, we’ll explore the use 
   cases that will benefit from these capabilities, and discuss efforts underway in industry to create systems 
   that will help realize the promise of provenance.

* Chuck Young - CTO of Impact 21
* Liz Sertl - Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US
* Allen L. Brown, Jr. - CTO, Deixis

Dial-up information:

Meet on irc.w3.org in #wpay.

On behalf of the WCIG chairs and staff,
David Ezell

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