The Web Commerce Interest Group is closing

Dear Web Commerce Interest Group participants and W3C members,

The IG's charter [1] comes to an end on 14 September. I first
wish to thank the dedicated people who spent their time, energy,
and money to make this group a success.

W3C launched the Web Payments Interest Group in October
2014. Forty organizations --many new to W3C-- attended the
group's first meeting in Santa Clara [1]. W3C re-chartered the
group in 2017 with a broader mission and so renamed it the Web
Commerce Interest Group [3].

The group has achieved much during its five years, notably:

* developing the charter for the Web Payments Working Group;
* growing the W3C community around topics related to payments and e-commerce;
* organizing and sustaining discussions around Verifiable
   Claims, Automotive Payments, and Digital Offers; and
* providing a forum for additional payment and commerce related topics.

Although the Interest Group will close, W3C will provide
mechanisms for bringing new ideas to the community.  The group's
mailing list will stay open (see archive [4]) and other
mechanisms will be documented on the group's home page [3].

On behalf of my co-chairs, Ken Mealey (Invited Expert) and Dapeng
Liu (刘大鹏(鹏成), Alibaba Group), and staff contact Ian Jacobs,
I would like to thank the Consortium for supporting this
important work.

Please note the group's last call will take place 29 July:

The agenda includes discussion of quantum computing and an update
from the PCI Security Standards Council.

David Ezell, Conexxus





Received on Tuesday, 23 July 2019 22:58:47 UTC