REQUEST for preliminary review: Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0


The Verifiable Claims Working Group's one standards-track specification,
"Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0", is beyond First Public Working
Draft but not yet ready for Candidate Recommendation.

We would like to ask for any early comments you might have on our
admittedly incomplete specification, in an attempt to address any major
issues earlier rather than later.

Would your group (or some members of your group) be willing to give the
document an informal read-through?  We are looking for comments within
approximately a 60-day timeframe if possible.

The best place for comments is directly in our GitHub repo [1] as new
issues, but comments sent to our comments mailing list [2] work as well.
Comments on either the (stable) dated draft [3] or the live Editor's Draft
[4] are fine, whichever is easiest for you.

If you need anything else from us first, please don't hesitate to contact
the chairs directly.

Thank you,

Dan Burnett and Matt Stone, Co-chairs, Verifiable Claims Working Group

CC: Specification editors

[1] GitHub repo:
[2] Mailing list:
[3] Most recent dated (fixed) draft:
[4] Tip of tree editor's draft:

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2018 19:24:05 UTC