Re: [webauthn] WebAuthn Autofill (Conditional UI) for credential registration (#1862)

I agree that autofill UI for registration would probably create more confusion than during auth. The typical autofill UI experience is a user either:

1. Chooses an entry from the autofill UI
2. Starts typing, at which point the autofill UI disappears

If we assume a simple passkeys-first signup form like this...

![Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 10 03 35 AM](

...I can't see how autofill UI would fit into this experience. Users _should_ specify their username/email address before creating a passkey, so the RP can populate `` in registration options, but this means typing that in which means autofill UI would disappear once the user starts typing. I _guess_ autofill here might recommend a username/email to enter (based on common ones you've used before?), but this isn't a current capability of any autofill UI I've used in a browser anyway.

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