[webauthn] new commits pushed by emlun

The following commits were just pushed by emlun to https://github.com/w3c/webauthn:

* Define 1024 bytes to be the maximum credential ID length.

The value 1024 has been picked to be a nice round number that seems
larger than any reasonable credential ID should need to be.

(I think several of the step references were _previously_ incorrect and
have attempted to fix them here. Thus step number changes are not
expected to be simply updates reflecting the new step.)

Fixes #1617
  by Adam Langley

* Make credential ID limit < 1024.

Rather than say credential IDs are ≤ 1024, say <. That way their length
fits in a 10-bit number, which is a little more natural.
  by Adam Langley

* Apply Lucus's suggestion

Co-authored-by: Lucas Garron <code@garron.net>
  by Adam Langley

* Including emlun's suggestion

Co-authored-by: Emil Lundberg <emil@emlun.se>
  by Adam Langley

* Consistently say “≤ 1023”.
  by Adam Langley

* Merge pull request #1664 from agl/credidlimit

Define 1023 bytes to be the maximum credential ID length.
  by Adam Langley

* Add authenticator attachment used during authentication to assertion payload (#1668)
  by zakaria ridouh

* Merge branch 'main' into issue-1618-clarify-params
  by Emil Lundberg

* Rewrite authenticatorAttachment note about discovering attachment after a successful ceremony
  by Emil Lundberg

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