Re: [webauthn] Provide request deserialization, response serialization (#1683)

While `toJSON()` in WebIDL may be convention, I don't believe we could use the `default` implementation without changes to WebIDL or ECMAScript. 

In particular, the ask has been for this value to be Base64 (or I presume Base64URL) encoded, but such an encoding would need to be defined upstream by one of these two specifications for us to leverage a `Default` toJSON() implementation from WebIDL.

We would probably want guidance from WebIDL that our declaration of a `fromJSON()` would not conflict with WebIDL in the future.

This would decrease the duplication of description languages, although WebIDL would expect us to define the dictionary formats of the current interface types. 

Either way (WebIDL or CDDL), we have to resolve issue that `CredentialCreationOptions`/`CredentialRequestOptions` can not host static methods like `fromJSON()` - they are dictionaries, not interfaces.

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