Re: [webauthn] Can the private keys be used for other cryptographic operations? (#1595)

@cybercent I feel you, but I think the people who've been working so hard to develop and get adoption of the WebAuthn spec deserve a ton of credit. It's a real step forward (and hard to push through). I'm new to this community and super appreciative of all the work that's been done.

I very much agree with you though. WebAuthn doesn't meet the needs of Web3 systems. What's really needed to make Web3 take off is generic hardware backed crypto through the browser, whether using external keys like you said or internal device hardware. (I'd argue internal device hardware is actually much more important for widespread adoption.) Imagine if we had that. Any dApp would be usable natively in standard web browsers — no MetaMask or other subpar solutions required. And lay users wouldn't have to deal with complicated crypto or managing private keys. It'd all be abstracted behind simple device biometrics.

I'm not sure it's possible at this point to expand the WebAuthn spec to accommodate this more general goal, since it's so narrowly scoped. But the more general goal is so compelling and very much seems like the future. It may be simple to get there, if we can just add signing data functionality.

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