Re: [webauthn] FIDO Payment Support (#1570)

> What do you mean by a built-in universal payment handler? I wonder whether that make the browser into yet another payment app that websites have to support

@rsolomakhin It is possible that I got this entirely wrong 🙃 but my interpretation of the SPC explainer is that:
- SPC depends on a built-in (aka "hardwired") payment handler
- SPC requires specific support not only by websites, but by acquirers and banks as well

My idea is simply making the built-in code _more universal_ based on the assumption that _user authorization_ of card payments and for example SEPA credit transfers do not motivate separate handlers since they (AFAICT...) only differ on account data and named method.

Although Saturn is just a PoC, I consider the concept above fully verified.  The Saturn wallet doesn't not know anything about specific payment systems and it still works with quite different backend flows.  BTW, this is a yet another reason to why I couldn't use `PaymentRequest` for Android as intended: it only supports statically declared methods 😒 Updating manifests or apps is not an option if you want a neutral (=universal) Wallet.

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