Re: [webauthn] Adding info about HSTS for the RPID to client Data. (#1554)

> HSTS adds another property of prohibiting user recourse to invalid certificates.

Something to note here:  HSTS was always seen by the browser/UA vendors and the websec WG as an _interim_ solution.  As the Web moves towards being more fully HTTPS-based, the nominal intention of UAs is to eventually default to trying HTTPS first, instead of insecure HTTP.  In fact, we're presently at the beginning of that effort:

So the exigent need that underlied the invention of the website-declared HSTS policy is declining, and thus whether "secure" sites will continue to (need to) emit the Strict-Transport-Security header field is uncertain.  Thus I would not necessarily base a WebAuthn feature/facet/whatHaveYou on HSTS.

An important question is whether the UAs include the "no user recourse" HSTS feature in their HTTPS-first approach.  [A quick search seems to indicate that there continues to be controversy over that particular HSTS feature. ](

ISTM that whether or not a UA enforces a "no user recourse" policy in the event of error(s) during TLS establishment is orthogonal to WebAuthn per se.

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