"How to FIDO" cookbook

Hi WebAuthn-friends,

We're happy to announce that the GitHub repository
<https://github.com/fido-alliance/how-to-fido> for the work-in-progress "How
to FIDO <https://github.com/fido-alliance/how-to-fido/blob/master/README.md>"
[working title] document has been opened up for contributions. This
document was created in order to fill the gap that exists today between the
formal specification and implementation by RPs: essentially it's meant to
be a "cookbook" for the various use cases enabled by WebAuthn.

We'd love contributions - either by filing issues, pull requests, or by
simply commenting on it. The intent is that this document is published by
the FIDO2-TWG at some point, but in the meantime hopefully it can serve as
a reference to RPs interested to adopt early.


Received on Thursday, 30 July 2020 18:26:52 UTC