Re: [webauthn] Provide the public key in `AuthenticatorAttestationResponse` (#1363)

@agl Thanks for adding these methods to the spec and Chrome Canary.

The JS to [create]( and [get]( is considerably easier now (well, they will be when available everywhere, or I get the time to create a polyfill).

The only minor annoyance is creating uint8array, and parsing array buffers, so they can be JSON friendly; but I don't think that's something that can be easily changed.

As to the choice of DER Encoding, I think you're right, it's much better than PEM, as that's just adding on an extra layer, which isn't too difficult if you're using `openssl_pkey_get_public()` in PHP:

    $pem  = '-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----' . "\n";
    $pem .= wordwrap($der, 64, "\n", true) . "\n";
    $pem .= '-----END PUBLIC KEY-----';

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Received on Monday, 20 July 2020 11:59:11 UTC