Re: [webauthn] Add to sec cons a brief discussion of the sec properties accrued by authnr & client platform proximity (#1333)

I think something like this is valuable but I'm not sure that the current working is quite capturing what I see as the essence. (Or, perhaps nobody else views the essence in the same way, in which case LGTM.)

As currently written, this text emphasises that client and RP enforcement of the RP ID is critical to security. Absolutely agree with this part. Then, in my mind the critical point is that the authenticator (which is the trusted device here, assuming that the phisher controls their own client machine) gets assurances by transmitting over a medium that has limited range. (Direct USB connections have the most limited range, but BLE is still local.)

This ensures that an attacker must have a subverted a device physically close to the authenticator, which is a much higher bar than if the authenticator is willing to communicate across the internet.

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