[webauthn] Is there a community for webauthn implementation discussion?

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== Is there a community for webauthn implementation discussion? ==
I would like to discuss with other businesses that are testing / contemplating the UX surrounding webauthn support on their apps.

I have subscribed to the mailing list and here, but it feels like general discussions of this matter are off-topic for this repository.

While I have some eyeballs, one question I plan to ask fellow prospective implementations is how to deal with key loss. ie. with TOTP based 2FA backup codes exist, and many places encourage printing / storing securely these codes. What are people thinking on this topic?

One of our engineers said "encourage them to register all their devices. I doubt someone will lose their macbook, smartphone, home pc all at once" however, this assumes most of our users hold multiple devices that support webauthn.

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