Re: [webauthn] `CredentialRequestOptions` make otherwise valid values invalid in an undesirable way

> So are you saying that we can leave WebAuthn's IDL written as it presently is, with various dictionary members declared with the required keyword?


> And also we ought to add to the beginning of each of #createCredential and #getAssertion algs a step that checks for "required" options dictionary members' presence

Not quite, if I understand correctly how this works.  So to take a concrete example, let's look at `CredentialCreationOptions`.  The spec needs to define what happens when the `publicKey` member is not present.   If it _is_ present, then Web IDL will guarantee that its required members (e.g. `rp`) are also present.

I _think_  the idea is to not call the relevant  #createCredential at all if the corresponding member is not present in `CredentialCreationOptions`,  right?   As long as that's clearly defined, you should be all good.

This will give a behavior where passing `{}` or  `{ publicKey: undefined }` for the `CredentialCreationOptions` will not invoke the relevant #createCredential, while passing  `{ publicKey: null }` will throw.   I don't know whether that matches what Chrome does right now.

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Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2018 20:00:24 UTC