10/03/2018 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda for the 10/03/2018 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting, that will take place as a 60 minute teleconference.
Select scribe please someone be willing to scribe so we can get down to the issue

  1.  PR was submitted, discuss feedback from director
  2.  Discuss issue from Mozilla
  3.  Discuss and additional TPAC Agenda Items
     *   Device loss recovery
     *   Web Payment Requirements
     *   Authenticator Selection Requirements
     *   Level 2 requirements general consensus
     *   Level 2 schedule
  4.  3. Adjourn

Because of toll fraud issues MIT has been experiencing, I've been asked to change our call coordinates and password and, as an ongoing thing, not distribute the call coordinates publicly.  That means not including the WebEx call number or URL in our agendas or minutes.

You can find the new call coordinates at this link, accessible with your W3C member login credentials.

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