Re: [webauthn] Relying Party Session

> Therefore a MitB could intercept a valid response of an authentication and send it in an own connection to the given route in order to impersonate the user.

Yes, I guess so. The MitB attacker can't tamper with any of the signed data, but it can indeed steal the `AuthenticatorAssertionResponse` and use it to log in from a different machine - *unless* Token Binding is in use, I think. But then again, it might not be necessary for the MitB to move to a different machine to carry out their attack.

WebAuthn doesn't try very hard to defend against MitB attacks, since a successful MitB attacker could cause all kinds of havoc anyway (say, present one thing to the user while something else is actually being signed). The [`txAuthSimple`][ext-sim] and [`txAuthGeneric`][ext-gen] extensions provide some possible mitigations against that kind of attack.


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