Re: [webauthn] Platform authenticators and key stores

discussed on 2018-03-28 webauthn call: @christiaanbrand acks that they have been thinking about this -- thinks their current impl ignores the spec in this case...  at least on Android, they know that a "key got wiped" and so can be smarter about it, but am not sure all platforms have that info available.

@akshayku how do you know to fallback to the external authnrs in this case?

@christiaanbrand: android knows that a key existed at one time.  wonders whether we ought to introduce the attachment parm to the get() request (#getAssertion). this is not optimal soln because what if user is using different profiles/personas (?).... need to think about this.

@akshayku: windows has system restore notion which wipes the entire machine and all knowledge goes away....  platformResident keys will disappear...

@christiaanbrand: there's a bunch of subtleties to this and wishes to discuss this further

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Received on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 17:59:02 UTC