[webauthn] AttestationResponse vs AssertionResponse

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== AttestationResponse vs AssertionResponse ==
There seems to be a weird asymmetry between `AuthenticatorAttestationResponse` and `AuthenticatorAssertionResponse`:

* Attestations return a CBOR map in the `attestationObject`, one of the fields of which is `authenticatorData`.
* Assertions return an object, one of the fields of which is `authenticatorData`.

There is no functional reason to return a CBOR map for attestations and an object for assertions, especially when they are containing similar fields. My understanding is that the APIs are this way because the attestation interface was converted to CBOR (with the argument that "servers need to understand CBOR anyway") but the same editorial conversion never happened for assertions.

Perhaps the only reason to find a solution to this issue is that it impacts the users of the API that may be confused by the two different representations. Also for architectural cleanliness and preventing OCD people from losing their minds...

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