Re: [webauthn] JSON-serialized client data is wrong

Here's a n00b attempt at defining a "JSON stringify and UTF-8 encode to bytes" operation for the infra spec:
<p>To <dfn export>JSON stringify and UTF-8 encode to bytes</dfn> a given JavaScript value 
<var>value</var>, run these steps:

  <p>Let <var>jsonString</var> be the result of 
  <a abstract-op>Call</a>(<a>%JSONStringify%</a>, undefined, « <var>value</var> »).
  <p class=note>The conventions used in this step are those of the JavaScript specification.

 <li><p>Return the result of running <a>UTF-8 encode</a> on <var>jsonString</var>. [[!ENCODING]]

If I understand correctly, [\[ECMA-262\]]( needs only a new row (after the `%JSONParse%` row) added to [Table 7 "well-known intrinsic objects"]( like so (?):
%JSONStringify%      JSON.Stringify     The initial value of the 
                                        stringify data property of %JSON%

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