Touch ID platform authenticator in Chrome

Hey folks,

You can now test an early developer preview of the Touch ID WebAuthn
platform authenticator in Chrome Canary on macOS. (Here's a quick demo
<> of sign-in).

You will need:
- a Macbook Pro with the Touch Bar
- Chrome Canary <> version
69.0.3468.0 or greater
- Touch ID enabled
<> in the

To use the authenticator, start Canary from the command line and enable its
feature flag: /Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary

Then go to a webauthn-enabled RP of your choice, for example Dropbox or

*Known issues:*

*- Users can't erase credentials on the Chrome-side yet.*
*- Touch ID only supports self attestation
- Touch ID is not supported in unsigned development builds.

​Feel free to file bugs at ​
<> against the component
"Blink>WebAuthentication". Send other queries to

​Happy testing!​

​Kim, on behalf of Google's WebAuthN-team​

Kim Paulhamus |  Software Engineer |

Received on Friday, 22 June 2018 16:51:34 UTC