Re: [webauthn] Note on "RP ID" is confusing

@engedy  thanks for submitting this. 

after perusing the bug and playing with mentioned therein, it seems that the bug submitter's confusion stems from the **Note**'s phrase "A public key credential's scope" (below the [RP ID definition](, yes?

The first sentence of the Note:
> A Public key credential's scope is for a Relying Party's origin, with the following restrictions and relaxations: attempting to say that "a public key credential's scope" is based on origin, but with the following alterations. 

Perhaps changing the Note's 2nd bullet item to read something like this:
> the host, _**i.e., the RP ID**_, may be equal to the Relying Party's origin's effective domain, or it may be equal to a registrable domain suffix of the Relying Party's origin's effective domain (i.e., an available relaxation), and,

..would that address this issue?

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Received on Wednesday, 20 June 2018 23:23:09 UTC