Re: [webauthn] Authenticators that do not recognize any handles shouldn't just be dropped on the floor

For the record, I think that consistency with CTAP2 isn't really necessary in this case. CTAP2 specifies a 1-to-1 client-to-authenticator interaction while WebAuthn specifies a 1-to-many client-to-authenticator interaction, so I think it makes sense to handle the case differently on the two levels.

>I wonder whether the browser folk are reticent to directly provide UX of this sort because of the desires for RPs to have fine-grained control over such UX [...]

Good point.

My concern with the solution proposed here is how it would interact with combinations of multiple authenticators. Multiple blinking USB dongles is one thing, and likely a minority use case, that might be a little annoying but probably quite harmless - but what about platform authenticators? If this would mean that USB dongles would light up _and_ an OS popup would appear on every authentication even if the platform authenticator isn't eligible, I suspect that might be more disorienting than helpful. All of this is speculation, though - I'd be happy to re-evaluate my position if there are any user studies (of any size) on this.

And then again there's the UX customization issue which could hurt adoption. I don't really feel qualified to tell which is the lesser evil...

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