[webauthn] Rename PublicKeyCredentialEntity fields

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== Rename PublicKeyCredentialEntity fields ==
This is split out from #622.

The field names in `PublicKeyCredentialEntity` and its descendants are unnecessarily confusing. In particular, `PublicKeyCredentialEntity.name` means different things when inherited by `PublicKeyCredentialRpEntity` vs `PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity` - in the former case it's a human-friendly display name, in the latter case it's a unique identifier for a user account. I suggest eliminating that ambiguity by renaming the fields:

- Rename `rp.name` to `rp.displayName`
- Rename `user.id` to `user.handle`
- Rename `user.name` to `user.id`

The hierarchy would then look something like this:

dictionary PublicKeyCredentialEntity {
    required DOMString      displayName;
    USVString               icon;
dictionary PublicKeyCredentialRpEntity : PublicKeyCredentialEntity {
    required DOMString      id;
dictionary PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity : PublicKeyCredentialEntity {
    required DOMString      id;
    BufferSource   handle;

I haven't lifted `id` up to the parent here because it will have different descriptions in the child types. The authenticator shouldn't give out a `PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity` without first verifying the user, so it shouldn't hurt to make all three fields required, right?

I think this would improve clarity a lot, but it would be a breaking change. What do people think?

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Received on Monday, 16 October 2017 11:50:02 UTC