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[webauthn] new commits pushed by equalsJeffH

From: =JeffH via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2017 19:42:40 +0000
To: public-webauthn@w3.org
Message-ID: <push-8fe61c685eae5892ac1c31d96d845a86abdccb7a-1507923744-sysbot+gh@w3.org>

The following commits were just pushed by equalsJeffH to https://github.com/w3c/webauthn:

* Fix #618 - Make PublicKeyCredential.isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable static

The example in the spec shows static usage of isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable,
but isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable is defined [Unscopable], which is a regular
operation which is defined as being not static.

I think the static method of using this is what we want, actually. Declaring
this as a non-static method on PublicKeyCredential means users need to obtain a
concrete PublicKeyCredential object on which to call
isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable(). This leads to a situation where you have to
first complete a call to navigator.credentials.create() in order to call
  by J.C. Jones

* Rewrite Generating an Attestation Object as an algorithm. (#600)

This replaces the "first generate the authenticator data" step with an input
because that's how it's called.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Use || uniformly for concatenation. (#615)

Fixes #562.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Sign counter alg clarification [see issue #507] (#539)

* added description for U2F attestation format

* more description added

* ...

* added RP processing rule for signature counter

* explanation added: why should you compare signature counter

* add explanation: where does signature come from

* changes as requested in the PR

* changes as requested in the PR

* changes as requested in the PR

* correction

* more corrections

* typo

* corrected phrase as indicated by equalsJeffH

* correction: bikeshed still wants spaces - not tabs

* updating signcounter consideration according to suggestion in comment

* synatax corrections

* synatax corrections

* more changes added

* more corrections according to the comments in the issue

* addressed second last comment

* removed signing procedure details and referred to CTAP2 section 7

* fixed indent issue

* fix typo
  by Rolf Lindemann

* Merge pull request #619 from jcjones/618-isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable

Fix #618 - Make PublicKeyCredential.isPlatformAuthenticatorAvailable static
  by J.C. Jones

* Name the parameters and variables in authenticatorMakeCredential.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Link "item" and use tuple rather than pair syntax for keys.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Improve the counter wording.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Fix [=RP=] links that should be [=[RP]=].
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* remove not needed closing bracket
  by Rolf Lindemann

* Require authenticators to implement the signature counter (#630)
  by Mike Jones

* updated the definition of authenticator (#607)

* updated the definition of authenticator

* updated according to comment
  by Rolf Lindemann

* Relaxing user prompt requirements in certain cases

Relaxing the requirement to prompt the user on key creation *if* the authenticator is built-in *and* the RP didn't supply an excludeList of credentials.
  by balfanz

* Merge pull request #634 from w3c/balfanz-patch-3

Relaxing user prompt requirements in certain cases
  by balfanz

* Link attestation statement and -format in §6.1 step 10

As discussed in #561
  by Emil Lundberg

* Add a Relying Party conformance class. (#604)

* Add a Relying Party conformance class.

Fixes #88.

* Link "Relying Party".
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Fix merge conflicts
  by J.C. Jones

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into jyasskin-name-authenticator-params
  by J.C. Jones

* Merge branch 'jyasskin-name-authenticator-params'
  by J.C. Jones

* Fix User.ID example

Make User.ID binary in example 2 in section 11. Closes #598
  by Christiaan Brand

* Fix #551 - Define a Store method for PublicKeyCredential.

The Store operation isn't defined for PublicKeyCredential, even though it
is inherited from Credential Management. This defines that operation as
always resolving with an error.
  by J.C. Jones

* Merge pull request #631 from jcjones/551-store

Fix #551 - Define a Store method for PublicKeyCredential.
  by J.C. Jones

* Merge pull request #635 from emlun/issue-561

Link attestation statement and -format in §6.1 step 10
  by J.C. Jones

* Rewrite the "make an assertion" introduction to clarify how get() works. (#611)

* Rewrite the "make an assertion" introduction to clarify how get() works.

Fixes #566.

* Fix equalsJeffH's comments.

* Clarify the "user may decline" sentence per equalsJeffH.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* update CTAP ref with correct authors and URL (#638)
  by =JeffH

* Name the parameters and variables in authenticatorGetAssertion.
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* s/ID/credential ID/
  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* Merge pull request #637 from w3c/christiaanbrand-patch-1

Fix User.ID example
  by J.C. Jones

* Update to newest bikeshed state
  by J.C. Jones

* Also update bikshed-include to fix the double-Abstract problem
  by J.C. Jones

* Link "extension identifier" as requested in #602

  by Jeffrey Yasskin

* merge from master fix conflicts
  by JeffH
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