Re: Issue comment editing turned off?

Issue comment editing re-appeared approx 12 hrs ago. dunno why it went 
away for a while, go figure...

On 10/2/17 5:39 PM, =JeffH wrote:
> So, I just noticed that editing of already-submitted comments on 
> (and other repositories I use, eg, 
> fido-alliance, token-binding) seems to have gone away this afternoon.
> this is really unfortunate since I often (klutz that i am) have to fixup 
> my issues, PRs, and PR/issue comments/reviews after hitting [Comment], 
> like on one comment I entered a little bit ago and which initiated my 
> casting about wrt how to fix its formatting in arrears, but there does 
> not seem to be a way :(
> I glanced at the github blog "new features" 
> <> but do not see this mentioned, 
> am not sure what is going on...I tried in other browsers also and same 
> result. sigh.
> =JeffH

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