Re: [webauthn] Strawman of an integration between WebAuthn and Credential Management.


Hey, J.C.!

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:05 PM, J.C. Jones <> wrote:

> I've gone through the straw-man as well, and I really appreciate the
> effort you all have gone through here. I'm also quite liking the way
> this looks, and the contour of the API.

Glad to hear that the initial skim seems reasonable. I'm looking forward to
your more detailed feedback later in the week; I'm sure there are some
things left unaddressed.

> [1]  There's no specific example of calling
> ScopedCredential::create(...), but
> 3f35ec1f84feb2e59686c34dR373
> defines it.

The patch does update the example at
webauthn/#example-3ba33507 at
Basically, the extent of the change is to shift from
`webauthnAPI.makeCredential` to `ScopedCredential.create`. I'd additionally
suggest changing that to take a dictionary rather than an ordered series of
arguments for clarity, but that's secondary to the core shift in naming. :)

[2] Making an Assertion:
> 3f35ec1f84feb2e59686c34dR2877

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