Re: 03/01/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

> Here is the agenda for the 03/01/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG
> Meeting [...]

> 2. Open Pull requests –  344, 347, 348, 350, 352 and 365

here's my assessment at this time, HTH, =JeffH

Rename Account and ClientData - needs discussion/work

Make makeCredential() more precise. - Vijay just submitted a review 
requesting further polishing. Since @jyasskin is out for another 1.5 
weeks, I suggest merging #347 and then Vijay and I can apply further polish.

Add gesture verification parameter to option in both makeC and getA - needs discussion/work

Throw NotFoundError when no authenticator is available - LGTM, merge it in after #347

Make hashAlg a "recognized algorithm name". - LGTM, merge it in after #347

refine user verification and authz gesture definitions, add Test of User 
Presence - needs review - clarifies 
terminology for discussion around PR #348

 > 3. Renaming Issues (Angelo)

click here for list:

 > 4.  WD05 publish schedule
 >   1. Concentrate on open issues effecting CTAP

click here for list:

 >   2. Concentrate on Rename, Promise, Privacy and Extension issues as
>      major areas of focus

these "subtype"s are actually:

 > 5. Other open issues
 > 6. Adjourn

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