Re: [webauthn] credential ID returned by authenticatorGetAssertion() is optional if allowList has exactly one member

The questions are about how to save state (a particular value) from before the invocation of an async operation, until the async operation returns, and then combine the saved value with the async op's returned values.  abstracted out, it's like this: 

if a given sequence |A| has exactly one value, then let |S| be a new `ArrayBuffer`, created using |global|'s `%ArrayBuffer%`, and containing the bytes of |A|[0].
[..invoke async op.....op returns..]
Create a new `ArrayBuffer`, using global|'s `%ArrayBuffer%`. If |S| exists, set the value of the new `ArrayBuffer` to be the bytes of |S|. Otherwise, set the value of the new `ArrayBuffer` to be the bytes of the fooBar returnsed from the op. [...]

Is the above more or less correctly specified, or not?   thanks for your help.  

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Received on Monday, 19 June 2017 20:06:28 UTC