Re: [webauthn] Fix #720: Don't return user handle in 2nd factor mode

What do you mean by "server credentials"?

Ah yes, I see now that CTAP's authenticatorMakeCredential method stores the user data only for resident keys. However, even with that limitation I think your use case can be solved by embedding a user ID in the `challenge` parameter. Since `challenge` is an opaque byte array of unspecified length, and is returned in the assertion response, you could set `challenge` to the UTF-8 bytes of for example `{"userId":"ff642b","random":"1/BjTenZNLAw9l03J2J2BcpgXP5Ic7gEuoVfVVrf7Bg="}`. This should allow you to embed the user ID while maintaining `challenge` as a valid nonce, correct?

So I don't think changing CTAP is strictly necessary, but I'll update this PR either way just in case we need it.

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Received on Sunday, 24 December 2017 11:09:22 UTC