Implementation status question from WCAG 2.1


I have a question about the status of implementations that I’m struggling to answer, could someone help please?

I’m helping with a WCAG 2.1 success criteria about accessible authentication, and one of the main techniques for meeting it will be relying on WebAuthN.

I can see from the charter you’re aiming for Rec Q2 2018, which is good for us, but for us to do the same we will need two user-agent implementations (e.g. Chrome & Edge), and two websites that use it.

It appears that Chrome has an implementation based on FIDO, with an open bug [1] for WebAuth, and others appear to be in progress [2, 3] or under consideration [4]

So the three basic questions are roughly when will:

  *   Chrome’s implementation be compatible with WebAuth? (It may be already and I just didn’t understand that.)
  *   Firefox’s implementation be released on stable?
  *   Edge’s implementation be released publically?

I’m not expecting dates, but any hints would be very helpful. (E.g. “Edge’s is expected to be released with the spring Windows update”, or something?) Any answers off list would be kept private.

It probably has been said somewhere, but I’m struggling to find it!

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1] Chrome Status -

2] FF Status -

3] Edge Status -

4] Webkit Status -

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Received on Thursday, 21 December 2017 15:56:27 UTC