Re: [webauthn] musings wrt webauthn's profile of COSE_Key

wrt the OP, here's my suggestion for updating the parag describing the COSE_Key format format:
> The [=credential public key=] encoded in COSE_Key format, as defined in Section 7 of [[RFC8152]]. The COSE_Key-encoded [=credential public key=] MUST contain the optional "alg" parameter and MUST NOT contain any other optional parameters. The "alg" parameter MUST contain a {{COSEAlgorithmIdentifier}} value. The encoded [=credential public key=] MUST also contain any additional required parameters stipulated by the relevant key type specification, i.e., required for the key type "kty" and algorithm "alg" (see Section 8 of [[RFC8152]]).

Additionally, I'll add examples per @akshayku's suggestion

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