Re: [webauthn] Review acknowledgments and editors list

Summary: In case it is helpful, I've extracted the names/userids of all webauthn committers from the webauthn git repo. Here is the list along with a commit count for each (note: some commits by various folks were to various ancilliary items in the repo, such as, the travis & bikeshed stuff, etc):
> git hist | grep -Fof webauthn-committer-names.txt | sort -f | uniq -c
   1 [Ackermann Yuriy]
   1 [Adam Langley]
   1 [Akshay Kumar]
  16 [Alexei Czeskis]
  26 [Angelo Liao]
  41 [AngeloKai]
  12 [balfanz]
   1 [bifurcation]   (Richard Barnes)
   9 [Christiaan Brand]
   8 [christiaanbrand]
   6 [Dirk Balfanz]
  63 [Emil Lundberg]
   8 [gmandyam]
   4 [Harry Halpin]
  75 [J.C. Jones]
   5 [James 'J.C.' Jones]
   1 [James Barclay]
  41 [=JeffH]
  72 [JeffH]
  22 [Jeffrey Yasskin]
   8 [Johan Verrept]
   2 [kpaulh]
   1 [levangongPayPal]
  32 [Mike Jones]
  44 [Mike West]
   1 [Philip J├Ągenstedt]
   1 [Rahul Ghosh]
  22 [rlin1]
  11 [Rolf Lindemann]
   1 [Samuel Weiler]
   1 [samweiler]
  46 [Vijay Bharadwaj]
   1 [Wally Jones]
  23 [Wendy Seltzer]
   1 [wseltzer]
   2 [ynojima]
tl;dr: I did an initial extraction from the git hist output of any line containing a substring matching "\[.*]\]" using:
`git hist | egrep -o "\[.*\]" | sort -f | uniq -ic`

..which output all committer names/userids plus various spurious noise since some commit comments have text containing square brackets.  I extracted the committer names/userids from that output by hand, and created the `webauthn-committer-names.txt` file (below), which i subsequently used to produce the above "clean" committer list.  
> cat webauthn-committer-names.txt
[J.C. Jones]
[Emil Lundberg]
[Jeffrey Yasskin]
[Ackermann Yuriy]
[Adam Langley]
[Vijay Bharadwaj]
[Akshay Kumar]
[Alexei Czeskis]
[Angelo Liao]
[Christiaan Brand]
[Dirk Balfanz]
[Harry Halpin]
[James 'J.C.' Jones]
[James Barclay]
[Johan Verrept]
[Mike Jones]
[Mike West]
[Philip J├Ągenstedt]
[Rahul Ghosh]
[Rolf Lindemann]
[Samuel Weiler]
[Wally Jones]
[Wendy Seltzer]

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