RE: WD-07 is officially published

Angelo, many many thanks for resolving the issues and getting this done 

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Subject: WD-07 is officially published

Hi Everyone, 

The 7th working draft of the Web Authentication API is officially published: As discussed before, we are now off to the CR milestone. 

At the moment, we have 25 issues ( and 11 PRs ( left on the CR milestone. If you have questions about the timeline of the CR milestone, please defer that to the chairs. 

Congrats everyone on hitting a major milestone! 

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Thanks Angelo,

 > As we discussed on the call and over email before, we plan to publish  > the 7th working draft as the feature complete draft and work on only  > editorial fixes in the 8th draft.

I think what you mean here is simply:
"close all issues marked for CR milestone"

As we discussed on the call yesterday, 13 of the 26 presently marked for CR are labeled as _technical_  and 16 as editorial.

 > The 8th draft will then be used as
 > the CR candidate. We have since completed all necessary PRs to  > include in WD-07 as discussed at the TPAC F2F, such as 636, 682, 693.
 > Given this, I plan to start the publishing process for WD-07 tomorrow  > after 5pm PST.

Great, thanks.

 > If you think certain feature or normative behavior  > change should be included, please let me know before then.

via this mailing list so everyone knows what's going on.

 > Folks are
 > still working on some PRs such as 702, or 688. If they are merged  > before then, it will go in as part of WD-07. Other editorial  > fixes will be accepted as well.

PR #702 is ready-to-merge AFAIK, and has approvals from @jcjones and @emlun. Other reviews of course welcome.

Other than perhaps including PR #688 if the IPR check is cleared (and since it has been reviewed by five folks and has not since changed), I hope that we _do not_ attempt to include any other changes in WD-07 at this time -- hasty changes at deadline are often sloppy and error-prone (witness my sloppiness with PR #702 yesterday, sigh).



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