Re: [webauthn] Should the "name" field in PublicKeyCredentialEntity be marked required?

The RP and User dictionary both inherit from the same parent dictionary. Name is a common field that is shared between both dictionaries. But displayName and id are two fields that aren't shared. We decided to remove the required keyword and let JS throw the TypeError so that the inheritance would be clearer. 

 If a developer miss any of the required parameters listed in [#createCredential]( step 3, a TypeError would be thrown. TypeError is the same error that will be thrown if there's a required keyword on the IDL. There will be a small difference about the order of when the error is thrown. If the required keyword is on the IDL, the error would likely be thrown first (depending on JS engine design). If the JS is checking whether the parameter is present, the error would likely be thrown after other checks. Either way, there is no difference for web developers. 

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Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 17:38:06 UTC