RE: editorial nit wrt publishing working draft

Thank you to Jeff for bringing up the topic of Bikeshed. Doing the below command really helps ensuring the spec stays in good shape and avoid cornercase linking errors. 

Specific to why the title isn't matching the editor's draft, the reason is I manually deleted the <br> elements in the title. This is because the PubRules (spec compliance checker) demands the title to match: The new version of bikeshed would automatically add <br> element to the title string to make things fit. But doing so would not make the <h1> element match and therefore make PubRules unhappy. It's really a bug to be fixed in either bikeshed or Pubrules. But waiting for the bug to be fixed would take forever. I actually read bikeshed source code and sort of found a way to fix it? But my brain was tired to test the fix. 

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thanks again, Angelo, for "turning the crank" to get WD-06 published.

one nit I've noticed is that the formatting of the spec title in WD-06 does not match how it is working in the editor's draft, nor when using

I am suspecting that this is due to a different (likely older?) version of bikeshed (BS) was used to produce the WD-06 spec than the latter two examples. If so, then when publishing working drafts we ought to ensure we're using the latest BS version. For locally-installed BS this is done as described here <>, which is (at this time):

To update bikeshed to its latest version at any time, just enter Bikeshed’s folder and run:

$ git pull --rebase
$ bikeshed update

This’ll pull the latest version of Bikeshed, and ensure that you’re looking at the latest version of the data files, rather than whatever stale version is currently sitting in the repo.



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