[webauthn] rename "attestation data" to be "attested credential"

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== rename "attestation data" to be "attested credential" ==
Presently it is difficult to trace through the spec and find where amongst the returned Attestation Object lies the `credential` (returned by authenticatorMakeCredential()). and it is not intuitive to search the text for "attestation data" when looking for the credential object and its components that's created as a result of makeCredential() (or likely-soon-to-be create()).

See figure 3 -- the returned credential object and its components is presently `AttestationObject.AuthData.AuthenticatorData.{AAGUID, cred PK length, credential id, credential public key}`, however one cannot simply textually search the spec and figure this out (yet), because most all of that mega-datastructure is defined in tables (without names for the components) and is not specified in webIDL and thus not hyperlinked. [Figure 3](https://w3c.github.io/webauthn/#fig-attStructs) is the only way to presently really figure it out. 

Although aspects of this will be resolved by PR #384, other aspects depend on resolution of #233. Part of resolving #233 ought to be renaming "attestation data" to be (i suggest) "attested credential (attestedCredential)" or perhaps "attested credential data (attestedCredentialData)" .  Note that we are using the term "attested credential public key" in section [Credential Attestation](https://w3c.github.io/webauthn/#cred-attestation) (presently 5.3).

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