Re: [webauthn] explicitly denote RSA signature scheme

Agreed the present overall state is messy and we need to clean it up.

WRT the attested credential public key:
> for the public key in the attestation, I wonder if we could just use
 a CBOR map of the JsonWebKey structure (using binary fields not DER 

A good question for implementors -- offhand it seems the two top 
choices are the CBOR-encoded JWK suggestion above, or traditional 
DER-encoded ASN.1 type of RSAPublicKey from   -- 
i could be convinced to do either one.  this is overall a question for
 server-side implementors, yes?  the client-side stack should just 
regard this as a blob as noted in #244 yes?

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Received on Wednesday, 2 November 2016 16:46:53 UTC