using cloud-based bikeshed

now that we've incorporated the former biblio.json directly into the spec source file (index.src.html), we can use the cloud-based bikeshed.   here's how I'm doing it..

first, check for errors..

curl -F file=@index.src.html -F force=1 -F output=err > errors.txt ; ls -l errors* ; cat errors.txt bikeshed appears to halt on the first fatal error, so this can be a repetitive thing if you've badly horked index.src.html (in that case I run bikeshed locally to get a list of errors, go fix 'em, and use the cloud bikeshed as a final check).

then, once index.src.html is error-free, run..

curl -F file=@index.src.html -F force=1 > index.html

..which will overwrite an existing index.html, just fyi/fwiw.



Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2016 17:35:24 UTC