Re: [webauthn] Specify encoding of rpid to bytes before hashing.

kpaulh -- thx for submitting this -- some thoughts/notes on this PR:

1.  the kpaulh github account (Kimberly Paulhamus?) is perhaps not 
anointed as a "member" of the WebAuthn WG ?  this might be causing the
 issue with the IPR check.

2.  the actual substantive changes in this PR are in lines 403 and 
499.  All the other changes appear to be elimination of line-end blank

3.  the commit message (incorrectly) says it closes issue #244 rather 
than #258..

4.  ..also, while the content of the changes to lines 403 and 499 seem
 nominally correct given how the algorithm steps are presently 
written, they will need to be re-written when we address various of 
the issues submitted by @bzbarsky.  as a part of that, we will likely 
invoke as suggested by 
@annevk -- 
so perhaps we shouldn't close #258 with this PR as it is presently 

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